CCIC provides product certification, management system certification services and certification-related training, including CCC, CQC Mark, CE, IECEE/CB, GAP, energy saving, and organic product certifications, also helps enterprise for Global Market Access. CCIC is the largest certification provider in China and one of largest in the world in terms of number of clients.

Product Certification

  • China Compulsory Certification
  • CQC Mark certification
  • Nationally promoted voluntary product certifications of China
  • Energy saving certification
  • Environmental protection certification
  • Photovoltaic certification
  • “Energy Saving” Mark certification
  • GAP certification

Management System Certification

  • ISO9001 Quality management system
  • ISO14001 Environmental management system
  • GB/T28001 Occupational health and safety management system
  • HACCP  Hazard analysis and critical control point
  • ISO13485 Medical device-Quality management system-requirements for regulatory purposes
  • SA8000 Enterprises Social Accountability management system
  • ISO22000 Food safety management system

International Certification

  • IECEE-CB certification
  • IQNet certification
  • EU CE certification
  • EU RoHS certification
  • Japanese PSE certification
  • German E1/e1-Mark certification
  • Certification services authorized by foreign certification bodies (VDE, ASTA-BEAB, TUV-PS, etc.)
  • Factory inspection services authorized by other institutions (Argentina IRIM, Japan JET, etc.)
  • Helping clients to obtain certification from foreign certification bodies after CB certification.
  • Other market access and certification entrusted by the clients

Certification Training

  • Training for state registered auditor and internal auditor of quality management system
  • Training for state registered auditor and internal auditor of social responsibility, occupational health and safety management system
  • Training on environmental management system, food and agricultural product safety management
  • Factory inspector training
  • Performance Excellence management training
  • Individual skill development training

Others Certification

  • CA Certification (Electronic certification)
  • CDM validation and verification
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